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Touly Bidalack – Yang Noi Kor Kuey Huk Kun

ເພງ: ຢ່າງນ້ອຍກໍ່ເຄີຍຮັກກັນ/ Song: Yang noi kor kuey huk kun ສິລິປິນ: ຕຸລີ່ ບິດາລັກ/ Artist: Touly Bidalack ຄ້າຍ: ເມໂລດີ້ ມິວສິກ/ Melody Music ຂຽນແລະກຳກັບໂດຍ: ຕຸລີ່/ Written and Directed by Touly ຖ່າຍທຳ: 1ມື້ເຄິ່ງ/ production: 1.5 days

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The Leader – Phid Pai Leo Khor Thod MV Teaser

Phid Pai Leo Khor Thod Music Video Teaser by The Leader from BN Entertainment. This song is a continuation of Yark Kub Pai Ha Faen Kao. For more information about The Leader, please visit his Official Fanclub Page on Facebook.

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ULUVUS – Khalam

ULUVUS - 55555 Album

The new single “Khamlam” by ULUVUS of Indee Records has been released for a few days now. Check it out and don’t forget to grab a copy of their second album “55555″ which will be on sale at the end of this month. To keep yourself update on the latest status of ULUVUS, drop by […]

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Xtreme at Pattaya International Music Festival 2012

Live performance of Xtreme of KPY Entertainment with Bor Fair Bor care and Flirt at the Pattaya International Music Festival 2012. Xtreme – Bo Fair Bo Care at Pattaya International Music Festival 2012

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Donal Modern Dance – Hak Hed Pon Kong Took Yang MV Teaser

Hak Hed Pon Kong Took Yang music video teaser by Donal Modern Dance of Indee Records Company. For more information about Donal, please visit the official Fan Page of Modern Dance on Facebook.

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